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Justdiggit: Cooling down the planet

In the beginning of 2017 BIOCANNA joined hands with Justdiggit, an international non-profit organisation that invites the world to pick up the green shovel and help combat climate change. The green shovel stands for action. The discussion about climate change and endless debating on how to prevent global drought is taking too much precious time. It’s time for action instead of empty words.

Justdiggit makes dry land green again by capturing rainwater and introducing sustainable agriculture to create healthy ecosystems. Their approach to restore dry land is called the ‘Hydrologic Corridor’. In dry areas, the soil is degraded and rainwater can no longer infiltrate into the ground. It evaporates or causes erosion and flooding and washes away the remaining fertile soil. By opening the soil, the rainwater can infiltrate and is available for vegetation again. Seeds will sprout, plants and trees start growing and wildlife returns to these areas.

Hydrologic Corridor

But what is a Hydrologic Corridor exactly? A Hydrologic Corridor is a region in which degraded lands in multiple areas get restored. With the help of local community involvement, a combination of water-harvesting and conservation techniques are applied. Some of these techniques are: digging small trenches, creating dams, contour bunds, permaculture, planting and re-seeding. The goal of these techniques is to increase soil moisture and restore the growth of plants. By implementing knowledge provided by local partners, Justdiggit benefits from local networks to create solutions with a high sustainability. To decide what techniques are best suited for a certain project or area, local conditions and land usage are thoroughly analyzed.

When vegetation returns and the soil conditions improve, the capacity of water retention increases. The ecosystem’s cycle of decline is reversed and Mother Nature gets a boost to recover her land. That’s how simple it can be. By carrying it out on a larger scale, the restoration of the landscape even mitigates climate change.


Justdiggit already has successful projects in three countries in Africa. Kenya, Morocco and Tanzania. The re-greening project in Amboseli, Kenya was one of the first successfully delivered projects. Together with local partners, Justdiggit created 8 km2 of new green land since the start in 2015. But you don’t have to take our word for it, watch the video below to see the before and after situation for yourself.

Transformation Kitirua Exclosure HD from Justdiggit on Vimeo.

As you can see, the land is green again and there are even swamps and small lakes now. This success of the first Hydrologic Corridor resulted in a second project in Kenya. Already the waterbunds in the Kuku region, are changing into green vegetation. Watch the video below to see what a difference a year can make.

Transformation Kuku HD from Justdiggit on Vimeo.

Four additional countries in Africa (Malawi, Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana) have signed contracts to start their Hydrologic Corridor projects. Expanding the impact even further. We are very proud to say the least to be a part of this great green movement and will continue to support this cause.

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