This website, including the services and products offered on it are an initiative of the company CANNA Worldwide BV, that has its head office in Oosterhout NB, the Netherlands (KvK-Nr. 20105850), hereafter: "CANNA".

The following conditions and all relevant legal regulations apply to access to and use of this website. In providing access to and use of this website you unconditionally accept these conditions.

Article 1: General

CANNA specializes in the sale of products that aid in the growth of vegetable and flowering produce. CANNA abides by the laws applicable in the countries where it does business.

CANNA only sells to companies that are registered with the local Chamber of Commerce and comply with CANNA’s requirements (including acceptance of CANNA’s general conditions). CANNA therefore does NOT sell to private individuals. The only products that we sell to private individuals is merchandise, as it is called.

Article 2: Content

CANNA has put together the content of this website with the greatest possible care and this is understood to include all information and product data, hereafter collectively referred to as “Information”. The information on the website is only made available for amusement and informative purposes. All information can be changed at any time without giving prior notice.

Article 3: Intellectual Ownership Rights

The rights relating to this website, including those of intellectual ownership, copyright on text, streaming videos, images, design, data files, photographs and other (moving or stationary) visual material, audio material, formats, software, brands (including domain names) and other material are held by CANNA and/or its licensing body. It is not allowed to put the website, or any part thereof, at the disposal of third parties in any way whatsoever and/or to duplicate it other than by downloading and viewing on a single computer and/or printing a hard copy.

Article 4: Guarantee

CANNA does not guarantee that the Information is correct, current or complete, that the website will function without interruption, that it will be free of errors or that third parties are not making, and will not make, illegal use of it.

Article 5: Liability

CANNA hereby rejects any liability for any damage whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, that is caused in any way by the use and/or resulting from the use of this website. In particular CANNA will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any damage whatsoever, arising or resulting in any way from your own acts, which may be suggested by the Information placed on the website and/or the illegal use of its system, including the website, by third parties.

Article 6: References

The website may contain references in the form of hyperlinks, banners or buttons for example, to third party websites. CANNA has no authority over these websites. CANNA is not responsible for the content of these websites.

Article 7: Security

CANNA takes all reasonable precautions to protect its system against loss and/or any form of illegal use. CANNA uses appropriate technical and organizational measures to implement this and this includes, among other things, taking into account the state of current technology.

Article 8: Miscellaneous

CANNA can alter this Disclaimer at any time and consequently recommends that it should be consulted regularly.

The Netherlands law applies to this Disclaimer. Any possible differences will be brought before the courts in Breda NB.