Production process of BIOCANNA

BIOCANNA fertilisers are produced in accordance with a complex process. An important step in this process is fermentation. Fermentation is the breaking down of complex substances by means of micro-organisms. Among other things, fermentation is used in the production of wine and beer.

After long research into special micro-organisms and vegetable raw produce, CANNA Research has succeeded in developing a 100% controlled fermentation process. This makes it possible to obtain a consistent product with exactly the right mineral composition and organic ingredients. The substances in BIOCANNA products are immediately absorbable, and stimulate the plant's metabolism and resistance. In addition, they improve the soil quality and the biodiversity.

Thanks to the unique fermentation process BIOCANNA products are rich in bio active substances, such as fruit acids and oligosaccharides.

The introduction of BIOCANNA fertilisers makes the first liquid biological fertilisers a reality.